[mythtv-users] 2 TB Hard Drive Recommendations

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Dec 6 15:47:34 UTC 2010

On Monday, December 06, 2010 08:24:22 am Dean Collins wrote:
> So what are you using to back up your data?
> For me with my thecus it's not tv that's the problem.
> I've started to worry about the amount I have to backup
> (emails/ppt's/downloads/photos etc - it's all adding up).

I'm using DLT tape, but I don't suggest that solution for most home 
users. I got a "deal" on the drives, and I have a source for media that 
uses the tapes for just a few passes and tosses them, I convinced them 
to "toss" them my way.

DLT drives are also SCSI, at least any that I've seen, which most home 
users don't have any more.

Starting from scratch I guess backing up to other hard drives is the 
most practical solution today. The online backup services aren't very 
practical, especially considering the glacial upstream speed of most 
residential internet connections.

Other than more hard drives, I don't know of any really practical home 
backup solution today. Consumer tape devices have a long and not very 
pretty history, from the ones that hung on the floppy controller, to the 
parallel port units, to a very few scsi units. None were really 
practical in terms of cost or capacity.

Consumer computer makers are pushing (fake) RAID these days, which may 
be why so many people are using it in the wrong way. Except for the 
online services, I don't see any backup solutions being offered to 
consumers today. Those online solutions are OK for a lot of home users, 
but when you start talking about a lot of HD video it's a different 

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