[mythtv-users] No channel lock on HVR 4000

Sascha Vogt FunkyFish at gmx.net
Sun Dec 5 21:11:37 UTC 2010

Hi all,

sorry, I know, that this is not directly related to MythTV but I hope 
somebody can help out.

I have a Haupauge HVR4000 which worked well for a few weeks (after I 
figured out, how to do a channel scan in Myth...)

However for no apparent reason the card can no longer gets a channel 
lock (neither in MythTV nor Kaffeine). I don't see anything in the 
syslog or myth logs. It seems the firmware is loaded as usual.

Additionally I had the same issues when I first tried to setup this 
system (then, it was Mythbuntu 9.10 with Jean-Yves vdpau repo). 
Unfortunately I didn't have time for my HTPC and so I set it away. I 
thought maybe the card was broken.
When I restarted my efforts in setting up a HTPC I formatted the system 
and installed Mythbuntu 10.10. and the card worked again. Up until last 

I can only guess that it might be related to the firmware and that 
reinstalling the system might have reinitialized the card. Does anyone 
have any hints where I could start searching?

If it matters: The last thing I did, before it stopped working, was 
setting up lirc (I have an Antec Remote Fusion Black with an iMON VFD + 
IR Receiver). I did not install any updates. In the meantime a few 
kernel updates came out and I thought they might help, so I installed 
them. Well it didn't change anything.


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