[mythtv-users] Mythbrowser...

Kelvin Smith kelvins at kelhome.dyndns.org
Sun Dec 5 05:25:48 UTC 2010

Updated to 0.24 fixes and started to play around with Netvision.  I have
an issue where flash is not being used by the browser, even though
Enable plugins is selected, and the plugin itself is
in /home/mythtv/.mozilla/plugins.  Flash is version 10.1 and works OK in

Others have used a wrapper script to call firefox directly, though this
appears to be broken in 0.24.  When I change the browser command from
"Internal" to firefox, firefox starts, but I do not see the wanted URL
being passed to firefox, so it just opens with the default homepage.
(when looking at process viewer)

This is running on CentOS 5, 32 bit. 

So, does anyone have firefox running as their web browser in 0.24 and/or
pointers on getting flash to work.  

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