[mythtv-users] Thanks, Comcast, for moving my PBS!

Mike Bennett mbppg at comcast.net
Sun Dec 5 02:57:46 UTC 2010

Be prepared for more changes. Comcast is trying align the channel maps 
across the US too be the same. Over the years as they bought up smaller 
headend's etc. all their channel maps were different. Now with Xfinity 
they want to make all the channels maps the same, so say discovery is on 
channel 16 here in Colorado it will also be on 16 in Florida, New York 
or California. Some areas have been small changes but some areas will 
have large changes. It takes time and they seem to do it batches like 10 
channels at a time. The did several changes here and it took about 4-5 
months to complete. We got lucky since they did most of it over the 
summer during rerun season.

On 12/04/2010 10:49 AM, Phil Bridges wrote:
> Comcast moved a few channels on us this past week.  I have re-scanned,
> and have discovered them all except for one local independent channel
> and a multiplex of PBS stations.  I have scanned using the HDHomerun
> scanner, and the channels are there:
> SCANNING: 249000000 (us-cable:28, us-irc:28)
> LOCK: qam256 (ss=100 snq=100 seq=100)
> PROGRAM: 246: 8.3 WGTV kn
> PROGRAM: 247: 8.2 PBS Kid
> PROGRAM: 802: 17.1 WPCH-DT
> PROGRAM: 808: 8.1 WGTV HD
> PROGRAM: control
> When I use the Mythtv scanner, though, channel 28 shows nothing.  How
> can I get these channels back into Myth?
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Mike Bennett

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