[mythtv-users] mythshutdown and mythfrontend (screensaver/dpms)

Andreas Witte andreaz at t-online.de
Tue Aug 24 00:29:32 UTC 2010

Hello mythtv-fans,


today i checked out last svn for testing and encounter 2 things that seems
to be wrong:


1) mythfrontend stopped disabling the screensaver (in my case xscreensaver)
and even dpms. Its a lil unhandy, cause i use

the screensaver to terminate the frontend (when it is in the menu) via a
script, to allow the pc to shutdown when i fall 

asleep while watching a show (after it jumped back to menu via the
Sleeptimer). So, dpms and screensaver should be

disabled as long mythtv is showing a movie and enabled while its in the


2) mythwelcome is showing up, mythtv is locked, all the time. Mythshutdown
-s brings back 16 as status, even after

i try to unlock (-u) it.  With -v most i get following interesting part in
the verbose-message:



2010-08-24 02:25:10.578 JobQueue: GetJobsInQueue: Ignore 'Flag Commercials'
Job for chanid 1014 @ 20100823223600 in Finished state.

2010-08-24 02:25:10.600 Got data on select

2010-08-24 02:25:10.600 MythSocketThread: select returned error

                        eno: Interrupted system call (4)



Is there a way to unlock it by hand?





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