[mythtv-users] "prompt for media" script and MythTV 0.23: not working

Alan Murrell lists at murrell.ca
Tue Aug 24 03:11:59 UTC 2010

I am using Mythbuntu 10.04 with MythTV 0.23.  I have a directory with 
filenames of all my DVDs which are actually symlinks to a script called 
"prompt_for_media.sh", which I believe I got off the wiki or in the 
mailing list archives.

Basically I use MythTV to "catlog" my DVD collection and be able to play 
a DVD if I like.  The "prompt_for_media.sh" script just simply ejects 
the DVD drive tray and a box comes up on the screen asking for the "Such 
and Such" DVD (based on what the file name is.  e.g., "2012", "Bourne 
Identity", etc.)

I haven't actually tried to play a DVD since my upgrade a month or two 
back, but I did on the weekend.  When I clicked on the movie then 
clicked "Play", nothing happened.  I looked in my "mythfronted.log" and 
found entries such as this one:

--- START ---
bash: myth://Videos@ No such file or directory
--- END ---

I recognize the 'myth://Videos@' "url" as being part of the 
"Storage Groups" setup (or at least I think I recognize it as such), and 
I suspect that this is the reason it is not working.

I have posted the "prompt_for_media.sh" script below; is there a way to 
get it to work with "Storage Groups" or am I out of luck on that front 
(regardless, I will likely still continue to add my non-ripped DVDs to 
MythTV as a way of "cataloging" them at least)

NOTE: I did run it from the command line on my MythTV box (e.g., 
"/mythtv/videos/dvd/2012.dvd") and it worked fine; it just seems that 
from MythTV frontend it does not work.

Thanks, in advance, for any insight you might be able to share on this.


--- prompt_for_media.sh ---


# Find the name of the disc
case "${MEDIA_TYPE}" in
                 DISC_NAME=`basename "${FILE_NAME}" .dvd`
                 DISC_NAME=`basename "${FILE_NAME}" .cd`
                 DISC_NAME=`basename "${FILE_NAME}" .vcd`

DISC_NAME=`echo "${DISC_NAME}" | sed "s/_/ /g"`

# Prompt the user to insert the disc
xterm -xrm "xterm*allowSendEvents: true" -bg NavyBlue -fg White +sb -fs 
48 -fn 12x24 -geometry 40x7+600+300 -e ${promptPath}/prompt "Please 
insert ${MEDIA_TYPE}:" "${DISC_NAME}"

# Play the disc
case "${MEDIA_TYPE}" in
                 sleep 3
                 ${XINE} --no-splash --auto-play=fhq --auto-scan dvd
                 sleep 3
                 ${XINE} --no-splash --auto-play=fhq /media/cdrom0
                 sleep 3
                 ${XINE} --no-splash --auto-play=fhq --auto-scan vcd

--- END ---

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