[mythtv-users] Channels not resorted in EPG after changing them

David Lasker dave at altosdesign.com
Mon Aug 23 18:14:54 UTC 2010

I am running mythbuntu 0.23/ubuntu 10.04.


My EPG is sorted by channel number. I have two input sources, one for analog
(via IR-controlled cable box), and the 2nd for QAM-256.


I want to move the secondary QAM channels (i.e. 7-2, 9-3) to the beginning
of the EPG so I don't have to scroll through them to see all the major
network channels. So I changed their channel numbers to start with "0-",
i.e. 0-7-2, 0-9-3. After doing this, the channels sort correctly in mythweb,
but they remain in their original positions in the EPG, i.e. 0-7-2 remains
immediately after 7-1.


I tried editing the channels both with mythweb and the mythbackend setup
channel editor, and got the same results both ways.


I ran mythfilldatabase as is done automatically when mythbackend setup


Does mythfilldatabase need to be run with some specific parameters to get
the EPG sorted correctly? Or is there something else I need to do?


Thanks for the help!



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