[mythtv-users] XMLTV Radio Times Grabber Not Working For X Factor / Xtra Factor (And Many Other Programmes)

Jason Chambers lists at purplish-monkey.com
Thu Aug 19 20:43:33 UTC 2010

On 19/08/2010 20:24, nospam312 wrote:
 > I couldn't decide whether to post in the XMLTV mailing list or the
 > MythTV mailing list.  As most people read the MythTV mailing list I
 > decided on this list even though I guess it is off topic. I hope I am
 > forgiven at least by the people who I have saved from missing the X
 > Factor :)

Its my policy to never forgive a X-Factor fan for anything ;-)

> If anyone knows how to use the latest nightly build of the UK_RT
> grabber (where I believe this has been fixed) in Ubuntu/Mythbuntu it
> would be greatly appreciated if you could post some instructions?  The
> nightly build can be downloaded http://snapshot.xmltv.org/

I checked out the version from CVS a week or so ago and the data is now 
all OK.  (Every few days it still fails to download but that is a 
problem with the Radio Times site - not XMLTVs fault).

To build from source it is as simple as extracting the files and 
following the steps mentioned in the README file.  You don't need to 
change anything in Myth itself:

> * Installation
> Note: Windows users are strongly advised to use the pre-built EXE as installing
> all the prerequisites is non-trivial. For those who want to give it a go,
> instructions are in doc/exe_build.html. Those instructions can be used for both
> building xmltv.exe as well as a local install.
> Basic installation instructions (Linux/Unix):
> % perl Makefile.PL
> % make
> % make test
> % make install

(the "make install" should be done as root as it will want to copy files 
to the correct directories).

During these steps you will be prompted for each grabber you want to 
build/install (as XMLTV provides more than just tv_grab_uk_rt), and then 
it will tell you which additional perl modules you need if you are 
missing any.

Therefore I would suggest you say no to all the other countries' 
grabbers and only select tv_grab_uk_rt.  This way you will only have to 
find packages for a small number of perl modules to install.

I can't remember the exact modules that were required but I was able to 
find packages (I use Debian) for each one that was mentioned easily with 
a quick "apt-cache search <perl module>".

It might also be an idea to uninstall any xmltv packages you already 
have before you start in case they conflict in anyway. In theory the 
executables and perl modules from /usr/local should take precedence and 
ignore the standard stuff anyway, but having just one copy of the 
software is less confusing, which should be a good thing(tm).


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