[mythtv-users] Two questions regarding mythvideo

Daniel Frey djqfrey at gmail.com
Thu Aug 19 02:04:28 UTC 2010

On 01/-10/37 11:59, Joseph Fry wrote:
>     > There is no purpose speculating.  The filename parsing will not be
>     > modified to support CRC32 checksums or release groups.  It is not
>     > broken, it is a choice not to aid illegal downloading of media.

I've had a lot of problems with NFS corrupting stuff on my network with
no indication in syslog regarding the cause. Since then I have always
added the CRC to anything I've ripped with myth or other tools. I do own
a ton of media. Getting off-topic here. Even ripping discs is a grey
area, so I must say I'm really surprised to see that kind of reaction,
and it calls in the question of mythvideo's existence itself with it's
ripping feature. I tried to report a possible bug and get lambasted for
it. I actually regret reporting anything here now, and won't bother to
do so in the future.

> Careful Jedi, you could easily upset quite a number of folks with
> comments like that... especially directed at one of the most
> active developers and most involved contributors to the user forums.

I agree that those comments were unneeded.

> It's folks like Robert who have been trying to keep the user
> experience up to speed by working on audio, theming, etc.  I can't
> blame them for sticking to a naming convention... it allows them to
> focus on what really matters.  If you want to change it, them submit a
> patch and see how the community reacts. 

I'll fix it myself and apply a patch locally on my machine, or find
something else more suitable to the task. I won't bother submitting a
patch though. I don't feel like getting nailed to the wall for my
efforts via reporting or through patch submission.

I didn't intend to cause a war. I'll unsubscribe from the list promptly.

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