[mythtv-users] Help choosing new tuner.

David Lasker dave at altosdesign.com
Sat Aug 14 21:42:57 UTC 2010

On Aug 14, 2010, at 9:25 AM, mysmartev at gmail wrote:
>So if you can suggest a tuner or two for the above it would really be 

You might want to try a Hauppauge HVR-1600. It is a PCI card with 1 analog
plus 1 digital tuner. You can use the analog input for your DTA or
unencrypted analog signal, and the digital input for clear QAM-256 direct
from your cable. My card worked with MythTV (both analog and digital) right
out-of-the-box with Mythbuntu 0.23/Ubuntu 10.04.

I would suggest you get the HVR-1600 model 1101 (OEM unit without IR
receiver/blaster) and, if you want to control your DTA via IR, get a
separate USB MCE IR blaster. 

If you are a glutton for punishment, you can get the model 1199 and use
lirc_zilog to control its IR receiver/blaster. You can see my recipe for
doing that on Mythbuntu here:

There is also a model 1183 with a supposedly MCE-compatible IR receiver,
blaster, and remote, that at least one other user has gotten working as
described here:
http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/373555#373555. That
sounds easier than what I had to do for the 1199.

I subscribe to Comcast in Napa, CA. The major network channels are received
in HD using clear QAM, even though I only have basic non-HD cable. But I am
receiving only local stations in clear QAM. I need to use my DTA to receive
all other basic cable channels. In Chicago, YMMV.

Hope that helps...


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