[mythtv-users] How does mythconverg.program.videoprop get populated in the UK?

Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 14:18:00 UTC 2010

On 10 August 2010 08:19, Another Sillyname <anothersname at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi Guys
> I'm trying to write a script that handles HD transcoding better and
> also retains AC3 audio intact.
> While doing this I've identified that within the script I want to use
> the mythconverg.program.videoprop field which usually should contain
> the HDTV value to represent whether a program is transmitted in HD or
> not.
> In the UK on Freesat we currently have 4 'real' channels:-
> BBC HD - Channel 10940
> ITV HD - Channel 8000
> STV HD - Channel 7855
> Granada HD - Channel 7851
> While BBC HD and Granada HD are populating the videoprop correctly
> with the HDTV value, ITV HD and STV HD are only populating the field
> with WIDESCREEN.  This is causing my script to not execute the way I
> would wish.
> Could someone please let me know is the videoprop field populated from
> EIT data (as I suspect) or does it come from another source?  In other
> countries does the videoprop field get populated correctly or is it
> inconsistent?  (If it's inconsistent I'll have to write more into the
> script to try to detect all instances of a HD transmission).

In addition to Nick R's very useful info, I think the following still
applies to how the listings are used to populate this information:

If using EIT data, the video details (HDTV, WS) are extracted from the
EIT data (usually the end of the description field) using one or more
regexes before the data hits the database. If the regex is not
matching different variations in how the data is provided, or if the
data is not present for all channels, MythTV will not be able to
provide it in the manner.

If using XMLTV, the data is present in the XML listings if either
specifically made available from the RT, or if the grabber itself
populates the data "somewhat intelligently" based on channel metadata
used by the grabber.


Nick Morrott

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