[mythtv-users] SOLVED PS3 doesn't see Mythtv / upnp

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Tue Aug 10 08:55:01 UTC 2010

emarkert at aim.com wrote:
> I should have clarified.  From the previous post I was assuming the user was
> watching SD content. I don't have a HD card so I can't speak to the effects
> that HD has on a network.  That said, I became curious about this bandwidth
> issue.
> So, I started watching a recording on my PS3, fired up my linux box and
> started watching a show via mythfrontend, then fired up my windows machine 
> and started watching a show, streamed, using VLC (at the same time that some
> windows updates and VLC updates were downloading).
> My inbound wifi bandwidth usage was next to nothing.  Outbound ranged in the
> 10 - 20 MBps with an occasional spike of about 23 MBps.  Wifi connectivity
> was fine, and the only noticeable issue was some very intermittent choppiness
> in the mythfrontend sound.
> I can see where HD content would severely impact wifi connections, but with 3
> different devices ALL viewing myth content at the same time my SD content is
> really stressing my wifi net.
Don't forget also that your available bandwidth depends on what your neighbours 
are doing from time to time. Running your own test and getting good numbers only 
proves that you got good numbers at the time you ran your test.

When your neighbours come back off holiday and start surfing/cleaning/preparing 
food/mowing the lawn/DIY/watching HDTV over wifi you may get different results.

The only way to be certain is to use a wired system.


Mike Perkins

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