[mythtv-users] Output to h.264

mike at grounded.net mike at grounded.net
Thu Aug 5 20:24:15 UTC 2010

> I think what he is saying is that keeping that old equipment around is not
> logical.  A single machine running VM's could do the same work as the
> entire chassis and would cost less to operate and likely be more reliable.

Ah, I see, well, everything has it's requirements. I also have ESX servers running lots of guests and have virtualized an awful lot of the gear so yes, very familiar with it. I find that for true redundancy however, it's always a good idea to keep some things running on their own. For example, I'll run a lad balancer on one of those blades, a fail over to that one on another blade but on another chassis. I've learned the hard way how to keep things up as much as possible, on a budget and keeping these old machines running is a blessing. 

> You could likely get one of those blades to work as a backend... however I

As I mentioned in another reply, since most of the work is being done on the PCI card, that the server itself tends not to require immense amounts of horsepower. Would this not be the case for a backend server? I would not be using USB on these.

> that you have 3-5 year old desktop PC's that would make a better backend...
> especially if you want to use PCI or USB capture devices.

I don't actually have much for PC's, most of the gear I have is blade servers and some stand alone servers. I think practically everything I have has one PCI/PIC-X slot at most.

I'd love to be able to use the CUBIX servers, the 850's, as that would be my simplest choice of all.

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