[mythtv-users] Output to h.264

mike at grounded.net mike at grounded.net
Thu Aug 5 18:19:52 UTC 2010

> He's probably thinking that many computers have 400-watt PSUs, which does

If you mean me, nope, that's not what I'm thinking but again, I spoke too quickly. I don't much care about power usage or at least, that's not my motivating factor. It's the flexibility of having the A/V over the network vs coax that I'm interested in.

> The real question is what the OP means by "STB". I think as he learns more
> about Myth he will decide to set up Myth frontends, with perhaps one or two 
> STBs he already has to use as UPnP clients

As in set top boxes. A box that is a stand alone device, which sits on or near each TV, has a compliment of outputs ranging from composite to perhaps component to DVI. This could even be a PC since there are many embedded devices which look like STB's and are in fact small pc's running linux for the most part. 


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