[mythtv-users] 0.23 release

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Mon Apr 26 19:21:18 UTC 2010

* On Mon Apr 26, 2010 at 02:28:05PM -0400, Brian Long wrote:
> I was wondering when the trigger will be pulled to say 0.23 is
> "released" and work can continue on 0.23-fixes, 0.24, Trunk, etc.  I
> noticed Trac says 10 bugs are still open on the 0.23 Milestone.  Will
> all 10 of then be closed before 0.23 is officially released?  I've
> seen lots of folks state that 0.23-fixes is fairly stable and even
> developers are recommending people move to it vs. 0.22.  If that's the
> case, why not release the GA tarball?

What is currently in the 0.23-fixes branch is pretty much what will be in
0.23.  There are no blockers, the only thing holding up an official
release is a logistical issue.  A lot of packagers are already following the
0.23-fixes branch, and 0.23 will be cut from that branch, so if you want
0.23, just upgrade to 0.23-fixes.  We've already begun putting a lot of
things into trunk that will not be backported to -fixes and are working
our way towards 0.24.

For those itching to reply, 'logistical' is about all we'll say right

> I am just wondering how the new development cycle is working since RC1
> -> RC2 was a week apart, but it's been almost 1 month since RC2 was
> released.

Right now a lot are recommending 0.23-fixes over 0.22-fixes because of
all the additional bugfixes that went in during the 0.23 cycle.


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