[mythtv-users] Help me choose a Redhat based OS for MythBackend

Mike Andy beatbreaker82 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 06:26:42 UTC 2010

> Are you SURE this is the box you want to be doing this with?  I understand
> by your posts you're new to the list (and I'll assume new to MythTV as well)

sorry maybe I didn't explain so well... I'm already on 0.22, I started
on 0.21 I'm comfortable enough with a myth and Linux install and

> Pick a distro you know and are comfortable with for setting up Myth
> (something with REALLY GOOD packaging support), then pull out an old PII
> from your basement to setup your test/play box with...I suspect you'll be
> glad you did.

Umm actually I think i'll stick to the decision I made above, I'll use
CentOS when the new update comes out. I don't want to be comfortable
doing this, if I wanted comfort I'd use MythBuntu. I'm sure it
couldn't be as difficult for CentOS as when I installed Gentoo or Arch

I'll still use it to learn on, but if I'm ever doing something that I
think will break the machine then I'll just use one of my vmware

Thanks for the help guys I'm happy with my decision.

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