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Jerry Rubinow jerrymr at gmail.com
Thu Apr 22 03:56:09 UTC 2010

On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 10:42 AM, Christian Szpilfogel <
chrisznews4 at rogers.com> wrote:

> Kenneth Emerson wrote:
>> Has anyone successfully controlled the power on their set-top box (STB)
>> used it in conjunction with the HD-PVR?  I would like to power the STB off
>> once a recording is over if there isn't a recording scheduled directly after
>> it.  I have found that occasionally my DCH-3200 gets into a state where it
>> will not output a video signal until it has been powered off and back on
>> (plus, I'd like not to waste the electricity to keep it on all the time).
> Kenneth,
> if it helps I created the following power on/off/status program.
> https://code.google.com/p/sa3250cmd/
> I use it to ensure that the STB is on for recording (say due to power
> outage, cable provider STB resets, etc). It has also been verified on the
> Motorola DCT-6xxx series but I suspect it will work also for the DCH-3xxx
> series. Let me know if it works and I will update my wiki.


I was trying to use your program to control power on a Motorola QIP-6200.
 Using the "off" command causes to power state to invert.  Using the "on"
command has no effect.   Do you have any suggestions?

"sa3250cmd -v -n 0 on" produces this output:

Sending Command: 0x00FB270
Success, Response: 0x09FFB270
Sending Command: 0x01FFB27F
Success, Response: 0x0CFFB270
return code: 2

But the STB doesn't change power state, whether I do it when the power is on
or off.

"sa3250cmd -v -n 0 off" produces this output:

Sending Command: 0x00FB260
Success, Response: 0x09FFB260
Sending Command: 0x01FFB27F
Success, Response: 0x0CFFB270
return code: 2

And switches the power off it is on, and on if it is off.

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