[mythtv-users] remote control

also also at lssystems.at
Mon Apr 12 22:42:32 UTC 2010

Hi to all

I read this great documentations and faqs carefully, but I still don't
understand how the remote control should work.
The server (backend) with the capture cards is living on the first floor,
three clients (frontends) are on the fourth and fifth floor. The cabling
is done with CAT6.
2 of this clients should be PS3 with HDMI for TV, one is a HiFi with
ethernet for mp3 and internetradio.
"This clients can be diskless and controlled entirely by a remote
control". It means, mythTV is installed on the server only.
How does the remote control send the informations to the server and how
can I control my HiFi? (It is right next to one of the TV)

Thank you for your help

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