[mythtv-users] How to check status of HD-PVR

Mark fairlane at springcom.com
Fri Apr 2 23:59:26 UTC 2010

Kevin Ross wrote:
> Once every few weeks or so, one of my HD-PVR’s will become 
> unresponsive, requiring me to reset the offending HD-PVR. I would like 
> to be able to programmatically check the status of my HD-PVR’s, and 
> reset them if needed. I’m thinking of using an X10 device to do the 
> actual resetting.
> My problem is, how do I check if it’s healthy? Trying to read from it 
> causes problems if it’s currently recording in MythTV. I think I have 
> two choices:
> 1. Try to find a way to check its health that won’t interfere with 
> MythTV when it’s recording.
> 2. Only check its health when MythTV isn’t using the device. I would 
> need to find a way to know when MythTV is using it.
> Any thoughts?
> -- Kevin
I hope you find a solution, because mine does the same thing. About 
every 2-3 weeks I have to reset it.

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