[mythtv-users] Multiple Episodes in a Series - MythVideo 0.22

david david at functionalchaos.net
Thu Oct 29 22:11:43 UTC 2009

I am curious if MythVideo 0.22, along with any of the new themes, supports
multiple episodes of a series showing up (like as a list) on a single
screen for that Series (or Season of that Series)? Or maybe this was
supported with 0.21 and I missed it?  

If not, does Watch Recordings support this behavior? I don't have any
tuners in my system to have experience with this screen.

I am using the new recommended naming format for my files:  

[Series Name] - S##E## - [Episode Name].[ext]

of which I saw on the list/wiki somewhere and this seems to be working
great with the new metadata fetch script.



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