[mythtv-users] mythvideo is displaying subdirectories weird in browse mode (0.22-fixes)

ryan patterson ryan.goat at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 13:56:52 UTC 2009

I noticed a weird discrepancy yesterday.  For mythvideo I have my
files stored in directories by TV-series and season (example:
/var/lib/mythtv/videos/entourage/season3/entourage-s03e05.avi ).  So
when I use browse mode in mythvideo I select the "entourage"
directory.  Then the "season3" directory.  Then I select the episode I
want to play.  I'm using the graphite theme.  The browse mode shows a
list of images of the show's DVD cover (or a black box with a question
mark).  One for each episode.  Everything is good so far.

Here is where it gets weird.  I added a new show to mythvideo
yesterday.  For shows that have been in mythvideo for a while (last
one I added about a month ago), when I am in a subdirectory, myth
shows me the list of episodes and one choice in the list is the parent
directory (in my example above, if I am in the "season3" directory,
"entourage" will be included in the list).  But when I am in the
subdirectory for the show I added yesterday, the parent directory is
NOT a choice in the list (I can still press <Esc> to navigate to the
parent directory.

I prefer the new behavior.  As of right now on my system, some
shows/directories behave one way and some behave the other way.  But
if this was an intended change to the code I would think that all my
directories would behave the same.  Any ideas why this is happening?

Ryan Patterson

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