[mythtv-users] Upgraded from 0.21-fixes to 0.22-fixes. Some minor problems.

Michael Zanetti michael_zanetti at gmx.net
Mon Oct 26 10:27:55 UTC 2009

Hi All!

This weekend I got up myself and upgraded my Master Backend/Frontend + second 
frontend from 0.21-fixes to the latest 0.22-fixes trunk.

The migration on the master backend/frontend machine went really well. No big 
issues. I just had to "uncorrupt" my database because I had utf-8 charsets in 
it. With the given guide (pointed to in the debug output) it was very easy to 
repair it.

Unfortunately the migration on the second frontend machine wasn't that easy. I 
have it runnung now but there are still two annoyances left where I'd need 
your help:

The machine is a 800 MHz ppc G4 with an ATI Readeon Mobility 9200 using 
gentoo/ppc and the radeon drivers. MythTV 0.21 was running like a charm on it. 
MythTV 0.22 introduces the following problems:

- The UI is way slower now: I'm not only talking about the newly converted 
parts of the ui. Also the main menu (afaik already libmythui in 0.21) is quite 
slow now. When I press a button on my remote I have to wait 1 - 2 seconds 
until the frontend reacts to it. With 0.21 I used the opengl painter with no 
issues. Now even the Qt painter feels sluggish and slow.

- Playback choppy on the second time: Now this one seems strange... When I 
watch a recorded show (or livetv), then exit the show and try to watch another 
one, playback gets very choppy. The logs show tons of Audio Buffer underrun 
errors and every few seconds the following messages:
NVP(0): Timed out waiting for free video buffers.
Note that the CPU usage is about 30% while it is on about 70% for normal 
(working) playback.
I have to restart the frontend to be able to watch anything again. And again, 
I can only watch 1 show before the playback gets choppy again.
This error occurs only when the painter is set to opengl. Using the Qt painter 
works around the problem.

OK... while I could live with the second problem by using the Qt painter, the 
first one makes the frontend nearly unusable as I _always_ end up in some 
wrong place in the menu because I can't distinguish lost button presses from 
delayed ones.

As for the second problem: It would be nice to find a real solution for this 
so that I can reenable the opengl painter.

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