[mythtv-users] Paint Engine question...

Andy Colson andy at squeakycode.net
Thu Oct 22 13:59:50 UTC 2009

A JM wrote:
> After compiling Myth from source by default the "Paint Engine" was set 
> to OpenGL but my menus weren't working. So, I changed the Paint Engine 
> back to QT and all the menus are working again.
> I assume this means that I don't have OpenGL installed correctly - How 
> can I check this out and fix it? OpenGL is what I want to use and my 
> hardware is plenty strong enough to support it.
> Thanks.
> A JM,

I think I've seen this:

glxinfo | grep direct

as one way to tell.  xdpyinfo spits out a lot of stuff.  I think GLX is 
the extension you need.  (as well as NV-GLX for nvidia chips).

can you run glxgears?

Setting it up depends on the card you have.  With nvidia you need to 
download the drivers from nvidia, and it does the rest, sets everything 
up.  Not sure with other cards.


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