[mythtv-users] Better playback..... Athlon 2800+ or Pentium 4?

Bruce Nordstrand brucen at ksl.com.au
Mon Oct 19 12:23:38 UTC 2009

On 19/10/09 11:15 PM, "Jean-Yves Avenard" <jyavenard at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi
> 2009/10/19 Bruce Nordstrand <brucen at ksl.com.au>:
>> I am currently in the throws of replacing my aging Pentium 3 1Ghz Myth
>> backend so I can use SATA drives. I have just inherited an Intel Pentium 4
>> 3.0Ghz Mbd/CPU with 1Gb ram (533Mhz) after a recent upgrade of a family
>> members PC.
>> My current frontend is an AMD Athlon 2800+ Barton with 1Gb ram.
>> To play HD efficiently now I have a plasma, would it be better to put the P4
>> on the frontend and move the AMD to server duties or the other way round.
> For playing HD it doesn't matter, neither of those processor would be
> fast enough to handle most HD codecs, mpeg2 sure, but that's it.
> The Intel would be quite a bit faster than the Athlon anyway...
>> Whatever the case, I will be upgrading the video card to a 512mb or 1GB
>> 9400GT.
> Does your machine has a PCIe port? nvidia 9400GT with a PCI connector
> seems to be rather problematic for many people and don't seem to work
> anywhere as well as the PCIe equivalent.
Thanks for the Jean-Yves

I'll still use the P4 for the front though as it is faster - hey, it would
sound better when describing it :)

Both MB's have PCIe slots, it just that I currently use a 5500 on the Athlon
as that is what I had spare at the time.

Is the 9400 a reasonable choice? I haven't bought one yet so can change


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