[mythtv-users] filesystem choice for an 8TB logical drive.

Jeff Jensen jjensen at apache.org
Mon Oct 19 00:37:25 UTC 2009

I don't know JFS.  I can share the experience I had just last week adding a
drive for LVM and use of ext4.


I have 2 servers, both running Fedora 11 and ext4 (not the boot partition,
those cannot be).  The main one has a small boot drive for Linux and 4 1 TB
drives for data, configured Linux software RAID 5 (Myth is on this server).


The second server is older and its only purpose is to run BackupPC to take
care of the main server.  All drives are LVM and ext4.  I recently added a
3rd drive to it.  They are smaller drives, not TB, but the procedure was
simple and flawless - plug it in, create PV, add to VG, and extend the LV
space to consume the new drive's space.  I am not aware that disk size has
any problem, especially if it is a 64 bit system.



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This is me just guesseing but that sounds like its a limit to online
resizing, which means resizing while its mounted. I don't think it should be
an issue if you resize it when its unmounted.

On Oct 18, 2009 5:17 PM, "Greg Grotsky" <spikeygg at gmail.com> wrote:

To all interested,


I recently (two weeks ago) purchased a 2TB WD HDD from Newegg.  It was my
wife's birthday present... she loves her movie collection.  I formatted it
with jfs because I read lots of good things about it's large file
performance.  I've been ripping DVDs steadily and so far I'm ~270 down but
the drive is getting full and I have about 75 to go!  Unfortunately, I don't
have enough space to finish our collection!  Just today I purchased another
2TB drive and I'm planning on building it into a 4TB LVM.  Since I've
already got 2TB of data on one I have to:


1) plug in the new drive.

2) create a pv, vg, and lv on the new drive.

3) copy all the movies from the jfs drive to the new lv.

4) wipe the partition info and create and LVM partition on it.

5) extend the new lv onto the old disk.

6) extend the filesystem.

(let me know if I'm missing anything here)


Because of this I need to use a filesystem that can be resized.  I know that
JFS can but I worry that it can not be shrunk (I'm not sure why).


My questions are:

1) Should I be worried that I cannot shrink JFS?

2) Should I use another filesystem type because I cannot shrink JFS, or for
some other reason?

3) I've read some things about ext4 which make it sound very appealing.  Has
anyone had experience growing an ext4 fs to 4TB?


I want to be able to add much more space in the future, so I don't want to
be limited on resizing.  I've been reading about ext4, and apparently there
is a 4TB soft limit on fs resizing; the article below talks about some
META_BG feature but I have no idea what that means.



Thank you,



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