[mythtv-users] Myth on WD HDTV Media Player for $99

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Sun Oct 11 22:20:51 UTC 2009

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Though perhaps they want to eliminate fans for the same reason I do,
reliability. I don't care about fan noise, but I am sick to death of seeing
systems brought down because the maker used a 2-cent piece of crap for a fan.


Noise is indisputably an important factor for me and many others as well.

However I agree wholeheartedly re quality fans - or much better not having the fan risk at all.

Where do people source quality fans better than what arrives in "the box"?

Generally Ball bearings are superior wherever used, however in the case of PC level fans I have always found ball bearing fans are 
noisier day one and they also get louder.   I often pull the sticker off and give a squirt of lithium grease in the hope this 
extends the fan life as well as reducing noise levels. 

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