[mythtv-users] Anyone in UK - Don't forget to do your DVB-T retune today.

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Thu Oct 1 11:07:56 UTC 2009

Mike Holden wrote:

>Before I got MythTV up and running, we used a dual tuner digifusion 
>settop pvr box.
>When you did a channel scan on that, it deliberately deleted all 
>your recording
>schedules, meaning you had to go and set them all up again - total 
>pain in the ...,
>and meant we only rescanned occasionally to fix serious issues, as 
>most changes
>were simply adding YASC (Yet Another Shopping Channel)!

Does anyone else get the feeling that those in charge of digital TV 
don't actually get to see any of this 'hassle' that users have to put 
up with ? Lets face it, if those in charge had to spend half an hour 
per device every few weeks I suspect they'd be less willing to keep 
shuffling stuff around all the time.

Simon Hobson

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