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Tue Nov 17 13:52:17 UTC 2009

identical to the old frontend end. Edit these queries, replacing all
instances of <NEWHOSTNAME> and <OLDHOSTNAME> then run.

DELETE FROM settings WHERE hostname ='<NEWHOSTNAME>';
INSERT INTO settings(value, data, hostname) SELECT value, data,
"<NEWHOSTNAME>" FROM settings WHERE hostname = "<OLDHOSTNAME>"

DELETE FROM keybindings WHERE hostname ='<NEWHOSTNAME>';
INSERT INTO keybindings(context, action, description, keylist,
hostname) SELECT context, action, description, keylist,
"<NEWHOSTNAME>" FROM keybindings WHERE hostname = "<OLDHOSTNAME>"

DELETE FROM jumppoints WHERE hostname ='<NEWHOSTNAME>';
INSERT INTO jumppoints(destination, description, keylist, hostname)
SELECT destination, description, keylist, "<NEWHOSTNAME>" FROM
jumppoints WHERE hostname = "<OLDHOSTNAME>"


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