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Tue Nov 17 13:52:17 UTC 2009

"I've gone through both setup program and the setup screen in the
frontend software and found three places to put the machines IP
address (two on the same screen in the setup program, one in the
setup-general screen in the FE software) All three places have the
same IP address and that matches the static IP that the machine is set

I couldn't find any other references to the Machines IP address

> Also, while it is possible to set up a PVR-500 to have 4 tuners, it
> really only has two.

Got that, again from my original post:

"I have a pair of PVR-500s installed (set to different IRQs already)"

So, two tuners on each PVR-500, four total.

Wait a minute.....

(insert three trips downstairs to the BE and about three hours time)


I noticed a "Backend Logs" tab in MythWeb, I clicked on it and noticed
a "host" column.

Lots of items had "myth.mythtv" in that column. "myth.mythtv" is what
I provided as the host name for the machine.

I also saw some line items with "backend" in that column.

In the FE Utilities/Setup-Setup-General on the second screen you have
"Use custom identifier for frontend preferences". I had turned that
setting on and entered "backend" for the custom identifier. (I did
this because I have two other FE only machines and didn't want changes
to their settings interfering with each other. For all my previous
setup and testing, these front ends weren't even turned on)

Apparently, having this setting different from the host name of the
machine was causing the problem. I changed the custom identifier to
match my machines host name (myth.mythtv) and went to check the BE
setup program. After making that change I found that my capture cards
were no longer listed. I re-added my tuners and re-ran the FE software
and found that it now thought I had 8 tuners. I went back to the BE
setup software and deleted all capture cards and video sources and
re-entered everything again. Going back to the FE Tuner Status page
now showed all four tuners as "not recording"

So I'm up and running and Cake Boss is presently recording.

I hope this helps anybody else that runs into this problem


Keywords for the search engine
currently not connected
Tuner 1 is not available
Encoder 1 is remote on backend (currently not connected)

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