[mythtv-users] BBC iplayer

Chris Adams rocket at extremelan.net
Sun Nov 29 23:19:42 UTC 2009

>>> Whats the best way to get access to the BBC iplayer (and hopefully, itv
>>> player
>>> and maybe others) with 0.22-fixes ?
>> MythTV providing a nice interface to iplayer/itvplayer etc would make
>> MythTV an absolutely fantastic application however so far I have not
>> found a solution to this problem.  If someone had the skills I guess
>> you may be able to use the functionality of getiplayer somehow but I
>> suspect it would not be a simple job.  If I could vote on the next big
>> thing MythTV should support it is this functionality.
> I was hoping that it would be easy (using the new MythUI stuff) (for
> somebody  in the know) to create a page with an embedded webrowser that just
> navigated to the bbc iplayer big screen implementation.  Would be better
> than my previous solution of calling out to firefox in full screen.  You'd
> still need to grab a mouse/keyboard for navigation, but it wouldn't be too
> shoddy.
> Robert.

Or there's MythWeb... haven't tried it myself but I believe flash
works in 0.22 with some fiddling.

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