[mythtv-users] Cannot delete some recorded programs after upgrading to 0.22-fixes

James R. Van Zandt jrvz at comcast.net
Sun Nov 29 22:27:16 UTC 2009

ON 11/15/2009, TJ Harris wrote:
> When I try to delete recordings with 0.22-fixes, they disappear
> briefly, but then show up again when the screen is refreshed.  This
> is true of both the "Watch Recordings" screen and Mythweb.

I confirm this bug.  I'm seeing the same symptoms on my Mythbuntu
system, recently upgraded to 0.22.0+fixes22594-0ubuntu1.

> In the mythbackend logs I see entries like:
> 2009-11-15 12:47:52.606 mythbackend: Delete Recording: Unable to
> retrieve program info for chanid 1002 at Sun Nov 15 09:06:00 2009.
> Program will NOT be deleted.
> 2009-11-15 12:47:55.185 ERROR retrieving program info when trying to 
> delete program for chanid 1005 recorded at Sun Nov 15 90:06:00 w009.
> Recording will NOT be deleted.

I don't have any mythbackend or frontend logs since Oct 31, when I
installed the upgrade.  I assume the logging defaults changed, and
would appreciate knowing how to re-enable logging.

On Sun, Nov 15, 2009, Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote:
> Most likely this is either an issue with your storage groups
> configuration (i.e. missing some directories in some of your storage
> group definitions) or a hostname issue--i.e. the "missing" recordings
> were recorded by a different host from the one that currently has them.
> The 2nd possibility--the hostname issue--would even be transparent to
> playback in some configurations (with the storage group directories NFS
> mounted to frontend machines).

I don't know anything about storage groups - I have not created any
new ones, or changed directories since my initial installation.  Both
frontend and backend are running on the same system, and the host name
has not changed.

Is there a easy way to tell what programs will auto-expire next?  Or
to adjust a particular program's place in the queue?

Otherwise, can somebody provide a manual workaround?  I am comfortable
with the command line, but I do not know anything about mysql.

          - Jim Van Zandt

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