[mythtv-users] DCH3416 STB rent a M-card?

bhaskins at chartermi.net bhaskins at chartermi.net
Sun Nov 29 14:49:53 UTC 2009

I recently heard that it is possible to rent a M-card from my
cable provider ( Charter ) that makes a STB that I own 
"blessed" on their sytem.
Can anyone verify this?

If anyone is not familiar with this card , it is a PCMCIA flash
card that just plugs into the back of the box.

I seems that there are always several of these STBs up on ebay
and I have been wondering why folks are buying them if
they are not cleanly installable in a cable system.

Please note, I am not trying to steal any form of service 
but I certainly do try to play one service provider against another.

I have found a very large gap between the deal that I want and the one 
that they want me to buy.

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