[mythtv-users] Going from 0.22+ to 0.21-fixes (was Re: Custom Rules - BUG? )

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Nov 28 05:24:30 UTC 2009

On 11/27/2009 08:30 PM, Joe Wilson wrote:

>  Considering the video-blits or whatever its called messing up my
>  editing of recordings and I assume that it is what is causing the
>  problems when fast forwarding and rewinding, which leads to big head
>  aches, eye strains and a sick stomach, and now that I cant create
>  custom setting for recordings without the system freezing up & all my
>  scheduled recordings disappearing.. I think I'm going to go back to
>  0.21 until all these matters are cleaned up.. Im not knocking the
>  progress of MythTV, its heading in the right direction.. and I'm very
>  impressed. its just I can't continue to use a system thats unstable,
>  my recordings are too important, and I think I will be holding out
>  for any serious Ubuntu update until the next LTS version in 2011, I
>  would prefer to reinstall every 5 yrs instead of every 6 months. If
>  at a future date I decide to have 4 + machines running mythtv I don't
>  need everyones box crashing because of the backend.
>  Does anyone know the best way to take it back to 0.21? without wiping
>  everything out, or is it best to just wipe it out completely?

Restore the pre-upgrade backup and enjoy.  You'll need to move any 
post-upgrade recordings to MythVideo or use one of the legacy, 
unmaintained scripts to import it back into MythTV (and suffer all the 
issues the partial/bad data will cause).  I highly recommend MythVideo 
or just deleting and re-recording the new recordings.


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