[mythtv-users] Can someone please help me with understand how progamid is used for duplicate detection?

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Thu Nov 26 00:37:17 UTC 2009

On 11/25/2009 18:15, Another Sillyname wrote:
> 1.  Where (i.e. which table) does the data come from which populates
> the record table?  The reason I ask is I manually added the same
> programid /541IEF to the record table in the programid field and it
> won't 'hold' it, therefore I'm assuming that this field is updated
> from somewhere else in the db.

The 'record' table contains all recording schedule definitions.  The 
'recorded' table contains all currently stored episodes.  The 
'oldrecorded' table is a subset of the data in 'recorded', and contains 
an entry for every recording you have ever made with mythtv.  Please do 
not continue tinkering around in the database if you do not understand 
what the tables are used for.

> 2.  In the .21 version of mythweb you could see the programid vales on
> the episode page, those values no longer appear.  Is there a reason
> for this?

Still shows up on mine.  You may have just checked an episode which did 
not have a programid.  It is an optional field.

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