[mythtv-users] Can someone please help me with understand how progamid is used for duplicate detection?

Another Sillyname anothersname at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 25 23:15:36 UTC 2009

On BBC HD some time back there was a program called Shark Therapy
which I recorded and is in my DB in the oldrecorded table with a
programid of /541IEF.

In the current schedule list the program has appeared and is due to
record again, I checked the record table in the db and the program
does NOT have a progamid value associated with it.

1.  Where (i.e. which table) does the data come from which populates
the record table?  The reason I ask is I manually added the same
programid /541IEF to the record table in the programid field and it
won't 'hold' it, therefore I'm assuming that this field is updated
from somewhere else in the db.

2.  In the .21 version of mythweb you could see the programid vales on
the episode page, those values no longer appear.  Is there a reason
for this?

Thanks in advance....

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