[mythtv-users] Do storage groups care if partition size changes?

stefan_jones at comcast.net stefan_jones at comcast.net
Wed Nov 25 00:26:34 UTC 2009

(NB: I searched the archive for hard drive migration issues; couldn't find a thread that addressed this issue. Most older threads concerned VLBs. ) 

My mythbox currently has a 500 GB IDE drive. /boot, /, /home, /video and /video2 partitions. The last two are included in a Myth storage group. 

I'd like to get a larger hard drive, probably a 1 TB SATA. I plan on initially adding it as a second drive, partitioning it exactly as above but with larger /video and /video2 partitions. (And temporary different names.) After copying over the contents of each partition I'd remove the IDE drive. Then I'd rename the new drive's video partitions to /vide o and /video2. 

My question boils down to: Will this muck up Myth's "picture" of the storage groups? The *content* and *names* of the new partitions would be identical, but their sizes would more than double. I suppose it is possible that the device name might change since the interface will be different. 

I would guess that I have nothing to worry about, but I feel safer asking. 

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