[mythtv-users] For HD Myth users, what is/was your cost?

JEDIDIAH jedi at mishnet.org
Tue Nov 24 17:05:44 UTC 2009

On Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 11:36:52AM -0500, doug at fawnanddoug.com wrote:
> > Bobby Gill wrote:
> >> I am curious what the total cost is/was for you to get everything up
> >> and running (asides from time, which depending on whom you are may be
> >> the priciest...).
> >>
> >> So for example, an HD capture card, a capable backend, the frontend(s)
> >> of course, the subscription to a provider and/or an antenna-- and if
> >> an antenna, did you do it yourself? Order it online, buy from a shop,
> >> hire someone to install, etc.? Not necessarily asking for the life
> >> story but some brief explanation of the components as I'm really
> >> trying to get a gauge on what entering this arena may cost me, and
> >> whether it's /worth/ it or not...
> >>
> >>
> A big step for me was recognizing that Myth is a hobby and not a cost
> saving pursuit.  I originally persuaded my wife with some (delusional)
> math that building a Myth box would cost about the same as buying a TiVo +
> lifetime subscription (~$500 at the time).  Since then I have built and
> rebuilt a number of boxes and am perpetually adding/changing something.

    The WAF associated with MythTV is responsible for the "carte blanche"
I now have when it comes to buying computer equipment. My first frontend
was an attempt to "be cheap". It was a "cube" frankenbox that started 
falling apart pretty much immediately due to a poor choice in components.

    By the time it finally completely died, the wife was happy enough with
MythTV in general (and my hacks in particular) that her response to all of
that was "why didn't you just by a mac to begin with?".

    OTOH, the computing market has changed quite a bit in just the few short
years that I have been using MythTV. Prices of boxes have come down a lot and
speciality decoding hardware has gotten Linux support.

> My point is, I think most people start off in the $500-$1000 range but it
> will quickly grow as you want to add the hot new recording device or pop
> an extra frontend in another room, etc etc.
> In addition, I wouldn't discount the time factor.  Myth (at least for me,
> and I suspect many others) is a constant work in progress and not a
> finished product.  It requires tweaking and maintenance.  Some people love
> this (like me), but others may find it a burden.  Part of the cost (a
> large part for me) is keeping up with this maintenance and staying on top
> of the lists and SVN, etc.  I think the "worth it" aspect has a lot more
> to do with the time investment than the dollars.
> -D
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