[mythtv-users] For HD Myth users, what is/was your cost?

doug at fawnanddoug.com doug at fawnanddoug.com
Tue Nov 24 16:36:52 UTC 2009

> Bobby Gill wrote:
>> I am curious what the total cost is/was for you to get everything up
>> and running (asides from time, which depending on whom you are may be
>> the priciest...).
>> So for example, an HD capture card, a capable backend, the frontend(s)
>> of course, the subscription to a provider and/or an antenna-- and if
>> an antenna, did you do it yourself? Order it online, buy from a shop,
>> hire someone to install, etc.? Not necessarily asking for the life
>> story but some brief explanation of the components as I'm really
>> trying to get a gauge on what entering this arena may cost me, and
>> whether it's /worth/ it or not...

A big step for me was recognizing that Myth is a hobby and not a cost
saving pursuit.  I originally persuaded my wife with some (delusional)
math that building a Myth box would cost about the same as buying a TiVo +
lifetime subscription (~$500 at the time).  Since then I have built and
rebuilt a number of boxes and am perpetually adding/changing something.

My point is, I think most people start off in the $500-$1000 range but it
will quickly grow as you want to add the hot new recording device or pop
an extra frontend in another room, etc etc.

In addition, I wouldn't discount the time factor.  Myth (at least for me,
and I suspect many others) is a constant work in progress and not a
finished product.  It requires tweaking and maintenance.  Some people love
this (like me), but others may find it a burden.  Part of the cost (a
large part for me) is keeping up with this maintenance and staying on top
of the lists and SVN, etc.  I think the "worth it" aspect has a lot more
to do with the time investment than the dollars.


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