[mythtv-users] MythCloud, think bigger think outside the box

Thomas Lloyd thomaslloyd at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 24 10:13:28 UTC 2009

Here are replies to all the feedback you guys have given:

@Brian Wood
>The six-hour limit makes it far less useful IMHO, but I can certainly 
>understand that they have limited resources. 

On the Google discussion group http://groups.google.com/group/myth-cloud
I have talked about how to implement a cloud, this was just an example
of a free test bed for anyone who wanted a sneak peak at cloud computing
without paying Amazon. The idea was that we would go for a private cloud
rather than public. 

Thanks for the heads up on that i will go and have a nose about what was
done in the past.

@john at russo
Thanks I have mailed you, the offer will be very well received if the
project can go ahead, practically legally and everything else. Where
there is a will there is a way.

@beww at beww @ sonofzev at iinet @ jarpublic at gmail
I have ideas that depending on your set-up, location and equipment
different sites can run on different profiles adding their spare
resources to the cloud. So you have lots of storage but not a lot of
bandwidth to upload you could run the profile of an archive peer. If we
get clever about how things work one could take one recorded file and
transmit that to 100's of archive server all at the same time but only
once. One recorded show could be processed by a hundred servers in
different locations then the small chunks distrusted. A little bit of
CPU time and a little bit of bandwidth but it cumulatively add up to
large amounts.  

Also the idea of storage is to have it split on the archive servers, one
person only ever gets 30 secs or 10% of a file which is considered fair
use. http://www.lib.umn.edu/copyright/fairuse.phtml#fourfacotrs 
Obviously these chucks will exist over lots of sites but no more than
the legal amount per server. Like bit torrent but you only host a fair
amount of it. This is an idea I am not a lawyer.

Then if you want to watch it you pull it back together and hey presto if
that content is illegal not for your country or anything then the user
is breaking the law not the hosts. 

I am not talking a group of ten servers but a group of 1000's allowing
for bandwidth to be cleverly used based on geographical location etc
etc. So if one host decides to use his server for a live video cast and
his bandwidth drops off from the cloud no big deal.

The file sharing becomes nothing more than a intelligent p2p system.
Possibility of geographical location limits to follow content law. A bit
like BBC iPlayer and Hulu. 

This is where the law gets fuzzy if your not storing the whole show,
take youtube for example. Or the data is not in a usable state unless
whole, there might be a way around it?


I just think of all the content that is being show and how if i had a
nice big server room with enough storage and capture devices that I
could record it all on and then share it with other people legally of
course. How that for want of having a system of place it is all

I am not suggesting we make an illegal TV sharing service but more a
user run, on-demand internet service. Myth being the content provider
then numerous clients could access the content on-line using the storage
network. I only mentioned the could as it is a shame that 100 users may
record the same show then process it and that could be done more
efficiently if there was some co-ordination. Also more content could be
made available if there was some sort of mass effort to capture it and
store it. 

Thinking bigger than we have, if you had a teraflop of processing power
could you do top video processing on shows at some new quality not yet
implemented. I am not a video encoding expert but I would be interested
to hear from any that are. 


We already have our own song :D


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