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	Same reseller 10 cheaper;
	Lots of myth UK users have brought from Ballicom.

I'm one of them and I couldn't say I recommend them as a retailer. I ordered one last week and followed their instructions on how to get the item delivered to an address separate from the invoice address. Basically, their website says they won't do this automatically but if you follow up your order with an email they will contact you to arrange this. I followed up immediately after the order with an email and also put these requirements on the order notes for good measure.


Anyway, Ballicom didn't get back to me to arrange delivery, didn't answer my mails/phone calls and the item was dispatched to my invoice address. In the end had to waste an hour on saturday driving to the courier's delivery depot to collect the thing personally.


On the plus side, the item was correct: Dual core 3610 and the price was excellent. So if you don't mind the item being delivered to your home address things might be ok.


As my home address is not in the UK I guess the chances of that are slim. On the other hand, I cannot afford not having it delivered on time and to the specified address. Strangely enough, I cannot find this unit in the US

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