[mythtv-users] Why does playback only use 1 core on some BluRay movies?

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Mon Nov 23 06:55:24 UTC 2009

On 11/22/2009 17:05, Ronald Frazier wrote:
> Anyway, thanks for the info. This helps me decide that most likely the
> only real solution is to get a VDPAU capable card (or a faster CPU,
> but that's probably not a better investment).

A faster CPU is not really an option.  Single threaded software decoding 
of H264 content at BluRay bitrates is impossible, and considering CPU 
development has been towards more cores instead of faster cores, it will 
likely remain that way for some time to come.  The fact that you could 
play Bruno on a dual core with plenty of spare CPU means that movie is 
rather sub-par.

> For now, that's not an
> option so I'll have to stick to transcoding it to less demanding file
> size/resolution/whatever. Thanks

Considering you have a C2D, you almost certainly have an available PCIe 
slot.  VDPAU capable cards can be picked up for as low as $20 after rebate.

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