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> I got mythtv installed according to the instruction on the wiki 
> <http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/MythTV_on_Mac_OS_X> 
> I am trying to get the channels setup and that is just not working. I got the sources setup and pointing to the HDHomeRUN's two tuners and I setup an account on SchedulesDirect and added the basic broadcast lineup to it. I have not PAID for the account yet, 
> When I tell tell mythtv-setup to retrieve the lineups, it flashes a box on the screen for about 0.1 seconds, but then when I go into the channel editor there are no channels listed and I cannot seem to select the "Channel Scan". 
> I can watch TV using VLC and the hdhomerun_config program to tune the channel, so I know the HomeRun is working. 
> I'm not sure which keys are available to do what in the myth-setup application since it, like all of myth, disables the mouse. However, all the arrowing around I've tried has not allowed me to select the Channel Scan option. 
> I CAN scan for channels if I disable the ShedulesDirect option and set it EFI (??) only, but that of course is of limited use. 

First time through was a puzzle for me, too. 

I don't have a HDHR, so I can only provide some guesses. 

Under Video Sources, have you entered your full and correct account information? Have you tried to select the particular lineup you wish to use? I recall that there's a download when you enter the Video Sources screen. Maybe the data is there already. 

Linked the tuner to the video source under Input Connections? There's a channel scan menu in there, too. 

Now, in Linux after mythtvsetup exits you can see in the originating console window all sorts of text produced during the session. Sometimes there are valuable clues in there. I don't know if that's an option in the Mac, but perhaps there's a log created instead. 
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