[mythtv-users] Installing MythTV

LuKreme kremels at kreme.com
Mon Nov 23 04:51:48 UTC 2009

I got mythtv installed according to the instruction on the wiki


I am trying to get the channels setup and that is just not working. I got the sources setup and pointing to the HDHomeRUN's two tuners and I setup an account on SchedulesDirect and added the basic broadcast lineup to it. I have not PAID for the account yet, 

When I tell tell mythtv-setup to retrieve the lineups, it flashes a box on the screen for about 0.1 seconds, but then when I go into the channel editor there are no channels listed and I cannot seem to select the "Channel Scan".

I can watch TV using VLC and the hdhomerun_config program to tune the channel, so I know the HomeRun is working.

I'm not sure which keys are available to do what in the myth-setup application since it, like all of myth, disables the mouse. However, all the arrowing around I've tried has not allowed me to select the Channel Scan option.

I CAN scan for channels if I disable the ShedulesDirect option and set it EFI (??) only, but that of course is of limited use.

Han : This is not going to work.
Luke: Why didn't you say so before?
Han : I did say so before!

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