[mythtv-users] mythweb header information error

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Nov 23 03:42:41 UTC 2009

On 11/22/2009 08:57 PM, Mark Boyum wrote:
> Here is the SHOW TABLES output:
> Tables_in_mythconverg
> weatherdatalayout
> weatherscreens
> weathersourcesettings
> Oddly enough when I run mysql -u root -p -e 'SELECT COUNT(screen_id) 
> FROM mythconverg.weatherscreens;' I get:
> ERROR 1146 (42S02) at line 1: Table 'mythconverg.weatherscreens' 
> doesn't exist
> Also, when I look at the db in phpmyadmin it doesn't show the weather 
> tables.
> Michael Dean suggested that perhaps InnoDB is disabled on my 
> installation.  How would I go about verifying that and correcting it 
> if it needs to be active?

That's almost definitely the problem, then.  The defined but 
non-existent table is the closes thing to proof we can get (short of 
actually verifying--instructions for verifying below).

> I will try the backup / create / restore route if I can't get it 
> resolved by the next time I'm home and the system isn't recording for 
> a day.  Which is usually only Saturday.

If you're missing the InnoDB engine support, this won't help since it 
will again fail to create the InnoDB files since you don't have InnoDB 
storage engine support, so you need to fix that first.

There's almost definitely a skip-innodb option in your /etc/my.cnf file 
(or in the command-line arguments in your mysqld start script or in some 
config file used by that start script).  Remove the option/argument.  
Then, restart mysqld and verify InnoDB is enabled:

mysql -umythtv -p mythconverg -e 'SHOW ENGINES;'

And verify there's a line with Engine 'InnoDB' with Support set to 'YES'.

Then, you can restore the last backup you had from when MythWeather 
worked (but you'll lose all changes to settings /and/ all recordings and 
... since that backup), or--my suggestion--since MythWeather has no real 
data (and only a bit of configuration), just recreate the MythWeather 

cat << "EOF" | mysql -umythtv -p mythconverg
DELETE TABLE IF EXISTS weathersourcesettings;
DELETE TABLE IF EXISTS weatherscreens;
DELETE TABLE IF EXISTS weatherdatalayout;
DELETE FROM settings WHERE value = 'WeatherDBSchemaVer';

Then restart mythfrontend.


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