[mythtv-users] How to move recording to different groups?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Nov 23 00:51:25 UTC 2009

On 11/22/2009 02:48 PM, Miroslav Suchý wrote:
> I would like to tell you my user story with MythTV, which is PITA for 
> me and ask for help.
> I very often pause some tv show and do something other, but then I 
> will not watch it [1]. If I leave the recording in LiveTV group, then 
> it is sometimes deleted even when marked as "No auto-expire", which is 
> ok, because it is documented [2]. So I would like to move it out of 
> LiveTV group to Default group.
> Question 1: can I somehow move recordings from one group to another?


> To be sure: I mean playback groups, not storage group.

Actually, you mean "recording groups," but the answer is still, "Yes."  :)

In LiveTV, hitting RECORD (R) will automatically move the recording to 
the Default recording group--i.e. you're saying, "I like this show 
enough to actually make it a real recording."  That does mean, though, 
that if the show is not yet finished, MythTV will continue to record the 
show--even if you exit LiveTV--and will not let you change the channel 
for that tuner (so if you don't have other tuners, or at least other 
virtual tuners, you will be "stuck" on that channel until you cancel the 
recording).  You can then continue hitting RECORD (R) to cycle through 
the recording types--where one "type" will actually cancel the recording.

Once you're no longer in LiveTV, you must change recording group by 
selecting the recording, hitting, INFO (I)|Storage Options|Change 
Recording Group (and, yes, this does the right thing--it has nothing to 
do with Storage Group).

You may also add multiple recordings to a Playlist, then MENU|Playlist 
Options|Change Recording Group to change all recordings in a group to 
the same recording group.  This is an easy way to delete a bunch of 
recording (when you don't want to change whether or not to allow 
re-record)--just move them to the Deleted recording group (even if you 
haven't enabled the Deleted Recording group).  Of course, they won't be 
"flushed" until you run out of space and autoexpire kicks in.  (Though 
you can use the contrib script flush_deleted_recgroup.pl to flush them.)

> I have only one storage.
> And sometime I want to take recording and move it to my videos (in 
> Media library). My current workflow is: find the recording on the disk 
> (the structure of names sucks)

Use mythrename.pl --link .  Make sure you use the --link argument.  

> , copy it to temporary directory, use avidemux (want to cut off 
> begging, advertisement, end and choose more advanced option then 
> mythtv make available for transcode) and then finally save to my video 
> folder. This process is really PITA.
> Question 2: How do you do such task? Is there more elegant way to do it?

In 0.22 and above, yes.  You can do most/all of it inside Myth.  I don't 
know details as I watch and delete everything, so I don't archive anything.


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