[mythtv-users] How to move recording to different groups?

Miroslav Suchý miroslav at suchy.cz
Sun Nov 22 19:48:38 UTC 2009

Heya folks,
I would like to tell you my user story with MythTV, which is PITA for me 
and ask for help.
I very often pause some tv show and do something other, but then I will 
not watch it [1]. If I leave the recording in LiveTV group, then it is 
sometimes deleted even when marked as "No auto-expire", which is ok, 
because it is documented [2]. So I would like to move it out of LiveTV 
group to Default group.
Question 1: can I somehow move recordings from one group to another? To 
be sure: I mean playback groups, not storage group. I have only one storage.

And sometime I want to take recording and move it to my videos (in Media 
library). My current workflow is: find the recording on the disk (the 
structure of names sucks), copy it to temporary directory, use avidemux 
(want to cut off begging, advertisement, end and choose more advanced 
option then mythtv make available for transcode) and then finally save 
to my video folder. This process is really PITA.
Question 2: How do you do such task? Is there more elegant way to do it?

[1] usually because kids are crying and fighting with "go to bed" 
procedure more than expected.

[2] usually when free disk space is running low.

Miroslav Suchy

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