[mythtv-users] issue: when 1st tuner busy recording, browsing channels on 2nd tuner is "jumpy"

James Warden warjamy at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 22 10:55:15 UTC 2009


I am not sure if this is a mythtv issue but I am at the moment experimenting with myth 0.22 on a 9.10 mythbuntu BE/FE machine.

The h/w:
- Technisat CableStar HD2
- P5N7A-VM mobo (nFoece 730i, geForce 9300 on board)
- Core 2 Duo proc, nominal speed 2 x 1.6 GHz
- serial infrared receiver IRA3 (OEM version)

All seems to work very nicely, the nvidia vdpau is really amazing with HD content. I have been monitoring the CPU usage and all I can say is wow!

HOWEVER, something is fishy with the UI:
- when I toggle "record" on a live show, I can still continue browsing channels and shift to a different one, but the available channels when doing so is drastically reduced: only a few will be accessed, with sometimes big gaps between 2 channels. It's like something gets severely restrictive. When I cancel the recording of the live show, browsing channels is back to normal.

Is this a bug or related to how the TV card works ? I am not yet familiar with the 0.22 functioning. In mythtv 0.21 and with the PVR500, when one tuner was in use for recording a live show, you had to restart liveTV and use the other tuner but then, all channels were available.

Do I miss something with 0.22 ?

Thanks for any tip.



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