[mythtv-users] Implementing HD-PVR IR Blaster (more)

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Sat Nov 21 23:31:28 UTC 2009

On Sat, 2009-11-21 at 00:38 -0500, Jarod Wilson wrote:
> My lirc git tree is upstream linus + lirc. It doesn't have the not-even-in-v4l-dvb-hg-tip hdpvr IR part patches in it. You need those from elsewhere.

Jarod, is there a guide somewhere to getting this working starting with
a generic kernel.org kernel? I did some hacking with the zilog a long
time ago and found I needed to add the hdpvr to a table for it to be
detected by lirc_zilog, but while it did send the requested IR the
driver was reporting that it failed so LIRC reported failure. This was
starting with Janne's git and using Linux 2.6.28, now that the hdpvr
is in the kernel proper I'd like to set things up starting with
and adding only necessary patches.

My USB-UIRT devices don't work with any recent kernels due to breakages
in ftdi_sio, and the vendor doesn't appear interested in maintaining
the Linux side of his business. So my interest in getting this working
has increased again. My other option is lirc_serial, but that driver is
freezes up the machine during IR transmissions.

-- Daniel

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