[mythtv-users] MythWeb - Odd Extension To Directly DownloadedFiles

GXL.nl info at gxl.nl
Sat Nov 21 20:46:41 UTC 2009

Mark Garland said the following on 21/11/09 14:59:
> Mitchell>Good find.  Mine does the same.  Might wanna log a bug. 
> Hi Mitchell,
> Thanks for confirming that this was an issue for you too.  On Tuesday, I did
> as you advised and raised http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/7599
> I was really shocked to check it today and find that it was fixed already!
> I know it was probably an easy fix, but this is tremendous progress so thank
> you very much to "Nijn" for fixing it and so quickly!
> As I run the Ubuntu repository version, I expect it'll be a little time
> before I see it.  If I wanted to see its effects now, would I have to build
> from trunk or could I sneak in this patch somehow?
> Thanks all,
> P.S.  If "Nijn" doesn't monitor this list, would someone who knows them pass
> on my thanks?
> MG

I'm not sure when (or even if) this patch will be included. But you can download the patch, put it in your mythtv directory 
(/usr/share/mythtv?) and run patch -p0 -i suffix.patch.

Glad I could be of help, since I am being helped with some other issue I thought I needed to contribute and fix some things 
for others as well. But I probably picked the easiest bug in the list ;)


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