[mythtv-users] PVR-350 won't record without reboot

greg greg12866 at nycap.rr.com
Sat Nov 21 14:16:44 UTC 2009

Brian Wood wrote:
> On Saturday 21 November 2009 06:47:31 Will Kennerly wrote:
>> My backend has one PVR-350 tuner; the system is running MythTV 0.21 on
>> Fedora 11.  I have had this system working well for several years.
>> Some time ago, I think it was when the ivtv drivers became included in the
>> official kernel, things went bad.  After a few recordings, the system would
>> stop recording (leaving empty files for the video files).  Only a reboot
>> fixes it, but of course, only a few recordings complete successfully.
>> The error message one sees in mythbackend.log is:
>> MPEGRec(/dev/video) Error: select timeout - ivtv driver has stopped
>> responding
>> I've googled around for this.  Apparently many other people have had this
>> problem (with other now antiquated PVR-x50 type cards) but I couldn't find
>> any obvious common solution.  One person claimed moving the capture card to
>> another PCI slot fixed it.  Another claimed getting the bleeding edge ivtv
>> drivers to replace the kernel-provided ones worked.  (But I couldn't get
>> these to compile - another issue, but I'm not too interested in that unless
>> everyone here says that is the definite solution.)
>> So, any ideas?
> The PVR-x50 cards are probably the most-used cards in Myth systems (at least 
> in the USA). Even with the move to digital, there is still a lot of analog 
> cable, and the cards are used to record the output of STBs and satellite 
> receivers.
> I would think anything that broke PVR support would be noticed at once, and 
> cause a flood of messages here.
> If it's true that moving PCI slots fixed the problem, it might be 
> hardware-related in some way (interrupts?).
> You have made me nervous about upgrading an SD-only system I use, I think I'll 
> replace it and keep it as it is, and just build a new system to run 0.22.
I have been using the PVR-150 cards for 4 years and of all the cards I 
have, it is the most reliable..It has never missed a scheduled program. 
I am on Ubuntu 9.04 and svn Myth 0.22...
  To the OP,my understanding is the support for the 350 has been dropped.
The reason given, there's no one to maintain it, and none of the dev's 
have one.....

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